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Indian Bank Murshidabad IFSC Code

Locate Indian Bank IFSC Code in Murshidabad

Indian Bank Murshidabad IFSC Code Locator helps you to locate all Indian Bank IFSC Codes in Murshidabad District. There are 2 Indian Bank Branches with different IFSC Codes in Murshidabad District. To locate the IFSC Code of Indian Bank in Murshidabad District we are providing an easy way. By Selecting West Bengal State, Murshidabad District and Branch name you can find the Indian Bank IFSC Code for the particular Bank Branch. After selecting the fields you can also get MICR Code, Contact details, Address, Map Location of the selected branch along with Indian Bank Murshidabad IFSC Code. Thus, this is an easy step to know the Indian Bank IFSC code of all 2 Branches in MurshidabadDistrict, West Bengal.

LOCATE Indian Bank Branches and IFSC Codes in Murshidabad District,West Bengal State.
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2 Branches IN Murshidabad DISTRICT OF STATE West Bengal having Indian Bank

S.No.Branch NameIFSC

Map Location of Indian Bank in Murshidabad District, West Bengal State

murshidabad jangipur

Other Bank Branches in Murshidabad District.

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LimitedSujapur | Bandhan Bank LimitedDakbanglow | Bandhan Bank LimitedDihigram | Bandhan Bank LimitedHamidhati Pilkhandi | Bandhan Bank LimitedKurapara | Bandhan Bank LimitedManikyahar | Bandhan Bank LimitedNarasinghapur | Bandhan Bank LimitedSantoshpur | Bandhan Bank LimitedRambag | Bandhan Bank LimitedAzimganj | Bandhan Bank LimitedDubopara | Bandhan Bank LimitedLalbagh(murshidabad) | Bank Of BarodaAmarkundu West Bengal | Bank Of BarodaBalumati Br Dist Murshidabad W Bengal | Bank Of BarodaBarjumla West Bengal | Bank Of BarodaBasantapur Br Dist Murshidabad W Bengal | Bank Of BarodaBehrampore | Bank Of BarodaHaripur West Bengal | Bank Of BarodaIslampur Dist Murshidabad | Bank Of BarodaJiaganj | Bank Of BarodaKashiadanga West Bengal | Bank Of BarodaMahisasthali West Bengal | Bank Of BarodaLochanpur West Bengal | Bank Of BarodaKharsa West Bengal | Bank Of BarodaManindranagar West Bengal | Bank Of BarodaIllimpur West Bengal | Bank Of BarodaNazirpur West Bengal | Bank Of BarodaPanchantala 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CommerceSarbangpur Distt Murshidabad | Oriental Bank Of CommerceKandi Distt Murshidabad | Punjab And Sind BankBurdwan | Punjab National BankBiprasekhar | Punjab National BankSadarghat Road Burwan | State Bank Of IndiaLalbagh | State Bank Of IndiaSme Aurangabad | State Bank Of IndiaDumkal | State Bank Of IndiaNabagram | State Bank Of IndiaNagar | State Bank Of IndiaAdb Berhampore | State Bank Of IndiaSatitara Adb | State Bank Of IndiaAndua | State Bank Of IndiaTrimohini | State Bank Of IndiaMirzapur | State Bank Of IndiaSatui | State Bank Of IndiaLalgola(w B) | State Bank Of IndiaJoypur | State Bank Of India Bazar Shau | State Bank Of IndiaAlugram | State Bank Of IndiaLeimakhong | State Bank Of IndiaBahadurpur | State Bank Of IndiaKashipur | State Bank Of IndiaAnulia | State Bank Of IndiaKalitala | State Bank Of IndiaKharera | State Bank Of IndiaBazitpur | State Bank Of India Nimtita Sab | State Bank Of IndiaBurwan | State Bank Of IndiaSaheb Nagar | State Bank Of IndiaLoknathpur | State Bank Of IndiaJuginda Sab | State Bank Of IndiaGangadaspara | State Bank Of IndiaMominpur Sab | State Bank Of IndiaRampur | State Bank Of IndiaChak Islampur | State Bank Of IndiaJalangi | State Bank Of IndiaSagarpara | State Bank Of IndiaSeikhpara | State Bank Of IndiaOmarpur | State Bank Of IndiaNowda | State Bank Of IndiaSpbb Berhampore | State Bank Of IndiaJangipur Town | State Bank Of IndiaKuli | State Bank Of IndiaRcpc Berhampore | State Bank Of IndiaDak Bunglow More | State Bank Of IndiaSammatinagar | State Bank Of IndiaSagardighi Railway Station | State Bank Of IndiaRbo Berhampore | State Bank Of IndiaKalmegha Bazar | State Bank Of IndiaSargachi | State Bank Of IndiaPurandarpur Kandi | State Bank Of IndiaSonarundi | State Bank Of IndiaChunakhali | State Bank Of IndiaRbo Berhampur Region Vii | State Bank Of IndiaSekandara | State Bank Of IndiaKhairamari | State Bank Of IndiaKabilpur | State Bank Of IndiaLakshijola | State Bank Of IndiaCac Berhampur | State Bank Of IndiaLalbagh Bazar | Syndicate BankBhabanibati | Syndicate BankBardhanpur | Syndicate BankChunakali | Syndicate BankBanschatar | Syndicate BankRatanpur | Syndicate BankChaltia | Syndicate BankProsadpur | The West Bengal State Cooperative BankMain | The West Bengal State Cooperative BankPanchanantala | The West Bengal State Cooperative BankDomkal | The West Bengal State Cooperative BankGramsalika | The West Bengal State Cooperative BankHead Office | The West Bengal State Cooperative BankIslampur | The West Bengal State Cooperative BankMurshidabad Dist Central Coop Bank | Uco BankDhuliyan | Uco BankKanupur | Uco BankTalgachi | Union Bank Of IndiaGangadhari | Union Bank Of IndiaPulinda | Union Bank Of IndiaKundal | Union Bank Of IndiaSriguru Pathshala Sutir Math | United Bank Of IndiaAurangabad(murshidabad) | United Bank Of IndiaAndiron | United Bank Of IndiaAkriganj | United Bank Of IndiaAmtala(murshidabad) | United Bank Of IndiaBalia(murshidabad) | United Bank Of IndiaBartanabad | United Bank Of IndiaBhagawangola | United Bank Of IndiaBalirghat | United Bank Of IndiaBhagirathi (murshidabad) | United Bank Of IndiaBhaduriapara | United Bank Of IndiaBerhampur | United Bank Of IndiaBerhampur(gorabazar) | United Bank Of IndiaBeniagram | United Bank Of IndiaChowki | United Bank Of IndiaDaulatabad | United Bank Of IndiaDakbanglow More | United Bank Of IndiaDhulauri | United Bank Of IndiaFarakka Barrage | United Bank Of IndiaGopejan Goaljan | United Bank Of IndiaGhospara | United Bank Of IndiaGokarna | United Bank Of IndiaGunanandabati | United Bank Of IndiaHaridasmati | United Bank Of IndiaHaroa(murshidabad) | United Bank Of IndiaIslampur(murshidabad) | United Bank Of IndiaJagannathpur | United Bank Of IndiaJiagunj | United Bank Of IndiaJitpur | United Bank Of IndiaJotkamal | United Bank Of IndiaKumardahaghat | United Bank Of IndiaKhagra(berhampore) | United Bank Of IndiaKatlamari | United Bank Of IndiaKantanagar | United Bank Of IndiaLakshmipur | United Bank Of IndiaMithipur | United Bank Of IndiaMalancha(murshidabad) | United Bank Of IndiaNimtala Chunakhali | United Bank Of IndiaPurbagram (salar) | United Bank Of IndiaPirtala | United Bank Of IndiaPatikabari | United Bank Of IndiaPanutia(murshidabad) | United Bank Of IndiaPanchthupi | United Bank Of IndiaRadhamonihat | United Bank Of IndiaRamchandrapur | United Bank Of IndiaRajarampur | United Bank Of IndiaBangiya Gramin Vikash Bank | United Bank Of IndiaShahazadpur | United Bank Of IndiaSwaruppur | United Bank Of IndiaUmarpur | United Bank Of IndiaMurshidabad Region |

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